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Welcome to Woof Pet Collars! We are everyone's favorite pet collar supplier on the internet today. Whether you are looking for fancy dog collars, training collars, or wireless fences you have come to the right place. Check out our wide selection of products today, and find the collar or fence that is right for you.

The Importance of a Well Trained Dog

Every pet owner out there knows that having a well behaved, trained dog is very important, and almost all the products you will find on our website today will aide you in the process. Each and every year, more and more dogs are euthanized due to poor behavior problems. Statistics have shown that owners who don't train their dogs eventually give up on them out of frustration. If you train your dog to be a well behaved good dog you will find that you spend more time with them, bring them on more outings, and enjoy every minute you spend with them.

Products That Will Make Life Better For Dogs and Pet Owners Everywhere

On our site you will find a large variety of dog collars to help you give your dog the proper training it needs to become an all around better dog. Here are some of the products you will find on our site today. 

Today's Featured Products

Bark Control Training System
Bark Control Collars
     Training a dog not to bark all the time is very important , have you ever gone to visit a friend, and the whole time you are there their dog just barks the whole time? With the Bark Collars you will find on our website you can train your dog that barking just to bark is wrong.

Dog Tracking Collars
     Our dog tracking collars are a very popular item. If you have a dog who is always running away, or gets lost quite often, a tracking collar is just what they need. Our tracking collars are also perfect for hunting, hiking, and camping. With our tracking collars, you can bring your dog anywhere in nature, and not have to worry about losing them.

Dog Collars
     Getting your dog out and giving them the exercise they need is very important. When you take your dog on walks, and let them get their energy out, they are less likely to run around your house, and destroy things inside or out. On our website you will find many different types of collars, you will find things like leather studded dog collars for sale, as well as fancy dog collars for large dogs. We also have a no pull dog harness gentle leader collar that is perfect for bigger dogs that are harder to keep in control. Check out our large selection today to find the collar that's right for your dogs next outing.

Dog Training Collars
     Our dog training collars are the perfect item for every pet owner out there who is trying to effectively train their dog. All of our training collars are top of the line, and have many great features to help aide in the process. We carry the finest name brands in pet training collars such as Innotek, PetSafe, and Sport Dog. Check out our selection of dog training collars today and you will see why people everywhere are choosing us for all their pet collar needs.
Underground & Wireless Fences
     Every individual out there that owns a dog knows the importance of having a fence. Many dogs like to play and run around outside, and when you don't have a fence this can be very difficult. Our Underground & Wireless Fences provide a way for your dog to be outside, and able to run around, while keeping them contained in their own yard. The fences you will find on our website today are just what every pet owner needs when they don't have a fence on their property.

Put Your Trust in Woof Pet Collars

     At Woof Pet Collars we have a love for animals. We have been in the business a long time, and truly specialize in what we do. We have preformed extensive research to bring you products that will make life better for both you and your dog. When you buy from us, you can feel safe knowing that you are getting the very best products for the best prices you will find anywhere. No other company out there can provide you with the great services and prices you will find on our website today.

We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

     We understand that picking out the right products for your pet can get a little overwhelming. At Woof Pet Collars we know everything there is to know about training, and keeping a dog happy. If you have any questions about our products, need help deciding on the right collar for your dog, or even just have some advice, we would love to hear from you. We have experts standing by who know everything there is to know about dogs, and they can't wait to help you today.

Give Your Dog The Life That They Deserve By Buying From Us Today

     Many individuals in the world today think they are being kind to their dog by not being strict with them and giving them the proper training that they need. What they don't realize is training a dog is really the best thing for them, and with the items you will find on our site today you can train your dog to stay in their own yard, or even teach them that barking all the time is wrong. Check out our wide selection of products on our site today to find a product to purchase for your dog. By making the decision to get a collar or fence from us today, you are taking the steps needed to create a better life for you and your dog for many years to come.